Young Farmers of Milwaukee

The Young Farmer Program is a simple solution to a complex problem. Simply put there is a lack of opportunities, employment and healthy food in Milwaukee and too much carbon dioxide, chemicals and poor working conditions involved in growing food in our “conventional” food system.

The Young Farmers Program addresses these issues in a significant way by bringing food production back into our community. We believe that growers are more accountable if they are in the community where the produce is consumed. A distinguishing feature of our program is that oversight of the production is in the hands of eager, knowledgeable youth. With the help of Groundwork staff, Young Farmers learn the fundamentals of both farming and entrepreneurship as they manage their own mini-CSA. In this process Young Farmers are empowered to be leaders as a force for good in their city!

Successful Young Farmers will continue through the program throughout their high school career.  At the completion of their fourth year, the Young Farmers will have the skills, experience and CSA members to continue as successful, independent farmers if they so desire.

Contact us at for more information.

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