Beyond Organic, Local = Fresh

100% Organic

We grow in only organic soil from locally sourced compost company Green Man Landscaping. The only fertilizer we use is worm castings aka Black Gold. Worm castings rich nutrients are water-soluble and are a prized organic fertilizer by any grower. Don’t believe us? Sign up for a Young Farmers CSA to find out for yourself the difference in taste and quality that results from nutrient rich soil. By sourcing compost and developing our own vermicompost we help to divert waste from landfills.

100% Local

While many people grow terrific organic produce around the world, their distance from our tables affect the taste and nutrient quality.  Because we grow produce in the city, our customers receive the produce only hours after harvest.  While supporting a Young Farmer, you also ensure that you are eating the best garden fresh produce!

Beyond labels – connecting people, building community

GMO-Free, Organic, Locally Grown, these are some of the many labels that is put on our food to address an underlying question: is my food ok to eat? While the variety of labels for better food seem limitless, it is only a matter of time before the next new label is co-opted by the industrial food system, rendering the meaning of the label diluted or useless.

Labels will never permanently address our concerns about the safety of our food. Nor will they make a more sustainable food system. Does shipping organic produce across the country take any less fuel than shipping produce grown with toxic chemicals sprayed on it?

The most reliable way to know how your food is grow, is to know who is growing your produce. The trust that comes from knowing your farmer, it is not only the best method for ensuring the safety of your food, it’s the best way to ensure your meal is as rewarding to warrant the hard work growing and preparing that food.

When you sign up for a Young Farmers CSA, you get produce grown with pride, from a Young Farmer. At Groundwork Milwaukee we are Changing Places – Changing Lives.

Contact to sign up


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